Cigarette is a mini version of a cigar and a costly version of a Beedi derived from a french word. Cigarette is a cylinder shaped smoker which consists fine tobacco rolled inside a thin paper where its ignited at one end and smoke at the other end which consists of a filter. The Cigarette usually comes with processed tobacco leaf wrapped with white paper however occasionally we can also spot different colored cigarettes. 
Cigarette was used in 20th century believed to be invented in the same century and also the fastest growing product reaching almost all parts of the world. Cigarette however has some serious health effects like it causes cancer, heart attack and serious lung deceases. Cigarette can also effect innocent bystanders and also effect pregnant women, therefore requests you not to smoke in public. 

Four Square 
Red & White 
North Pole 
India Kings
Wills Silk Cut
Wills Classic
Wills Mild
Wills Regular
Wills Ultra Mild
Wills Navy Cut
Wills Flake 
Classic Menthol
Classic Menthol Rush
Classic Citric
Classic Orange Twist
Navy Cut
Gold Flake Premium
Gold Flake King
Gold Flake Lights
Gold Flake Ultra Lights
Gold Flake Fliter
Gold Flake Artic Menthol
Benson & Hedges Light
Benson & Hedges Hard
Marlboro Light
Marlboro Hard

A cigar is a fat tightly rolled bundle of dried & fermented tobacco. The word Cigar is derived from a Mayan word sicar (rolled tobacco leaves) or from a Spanish word Cigarro/Cigarra. There are lot of types in cigars like small cigars to fat ones. Some cigars cuts the closed end to smoke, some comes with a filter and some just can be smoked as it is. The cigars contains 3 types of chemicals like pyrosynthesis, nicotine and ofcourse carbon dioxide therefore its very harmful to take the smoke into your lungs. Cigar should be smoked only from the mouth and not through your lungs. Cigar smoking as other tobacco smoking can also cause cancers, increase risk of lung and heart diseases.
"A smoke in times of rest is a great companion to the solitary soldier." said by the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara about cigars. In India we commonly get the cheroot which is a cylindrical cigar.
See some of the cigar brands available in India.

ITC Made Cigars-

Petit Corona

Cuban Cigars- 

Romeo y Julieta
Hoyo De Monterrey
José L. Piedra
Quintero y Hno
Rafael Gonzalez
El Rey Del Mundo
Cuban Delights
Juan Lopez
Por Larranaga
Ramón Allones 
Vegas Robaina
Sancho Panza

Dominican Cigars-

Ashton Cigars
Don Diego
Miami Cigar Company
Santa Damiana
Arturo Fuente
Playboy Cigars
Vega Fina

A thin indian smoke filled with tobacco flake, wrapped in a tendu (Diospyros melanoxylon) or Bidi Leaf Tree (Bauhinia racemosa) tied with a thread. Beedi can also be spelt as Bidi and also has another name called Biri derived from the marwadi word Beeda. Beedi is mostly sold in india, south asia and middle east, it is also one of the cheapest smokes available in the world. Beedi is dangerous than normal cigarettes because beedi's are believed to have more nicotine, carbon dioxide and tar which can give you cancers, heart disease, and lung disease including mouth cancer.
Beedi believed to be first created in Gujarat in 17th century and from then the industry has seen a massive improvement. In united states however Beedi is taxed at the same rates as normal cigarettes which is growing at the rate of 2.9% every year. 
Check out some Beedi Brands Below

Ganesh Bidi
Special Telephone Bidi
Shivaji Bidi
Balmukund Stuff Bidi
30 Brand Bidi
Ajanta Bidi
Patel Bidi
Shikari Bidi
Kismat Beedi
Dinesh beedi
Malabar Ship Beedi
Black Swam
Sumo Bidi
8 A.M bidi
Enigma Bidi

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made usually from using fermented grapes, sometimes other fruits are also made into wines. The natural chemical balance of fruits lets them ferment without adding any kind of ingredients like sugar, acids or etc. However adding yeast to the fermented fruits will dissolve sugar and converts them into converts them into alcohol and carbon dioxide however the final product contains thousands of chemicals compounds. In india, the late 4th-century BC writings of Chanakya (Chief minister of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya) mentions of grape based juice or wines referred to as "Madhu". Look out for some Wine brands available in india.

Art collection shiraz red wine
Baron philippe de rosthchild merlot vin de pays
Baron philippe de rothschild cabernet sauvigon vin de pays
Baron philippe de rothschild, reserve muton cadet medoc
Baron philippe de rothschild,sauternes
Chateau petit moulin aoc bordeaux - red
Dia white wine
F.s. Barrique res. Cab. Sauv. Red wine
F.s. Barrqiue res. Shiraz red wine
Foue seasons classic merlot red wine
Four seasons classic cab. Sauvignon red wine
Four seasons clasic sauv.b. Whie wine
Four seasons clasic shiraz red wine
Four seasons classic blush rose wine
Four seasons classic chenin blanc white wine
Fratelli cabernet franc shiraz
Fratelli cabernet sauvignon
Fratelli chardonnay
Fratelli chnnin blanc
Fratelli classic chenin
Fratelli classic shiraz
Fratelli merlot wine
Fratelli sangiovese
Fratelli sauvignon blanc
Fratelli sette
Fratelli shiraz rose
Grover art collection chenin bl. Win
Grover blanc de clairete white wine
Grover cabernet shiraz red wine
Grover la reserve red wine
Grover sante chenin blan white wine
Grover sante shiraz red wine
Grover sauvignon blanc white wine
Grover shiraz rose wine
Grover viognier clairete white wine
Kandara dry cabernet sauvignon wine
Kandara dry chenin blanc wine
Kandara dry sauvignon blanc wine
Kandara dry shiraz wine
Luca cabernet sauvignon red wine
Luca exotic lychee wine
Luca merlot vin rougu red wine
Luca muscat vin blanc white wine
Luca sauvignon blance white wine
Luca sparkling white wine
Madera sel.nashik valley white wine
Madrea sel.nashik valley red wine
Maison louis jadot bourgogne pinot noir
Marchesi de'frescobaldi' danzante prosecco
Mitra 2000 port wine
Nine hill shiraz rose wine
Nine hills cabernet wine
Nine hills chenin blanc white wine
Nine hills sauvign.blanc white wine
Nine hills shiraz red wine
Port wine 1000 red wine
Samara red wine
Samara white wine
Sidus premum port wine
Sula blush zinfandel rose wine
Sula bru sparkling wine(1500 ml)
Sula brut sparkling wine
Sula cabernet shiraz red wine
Sula chenin blanc white wine
Sula dindori reserv.shiraz red wine
Sula dindori viognier white wine
Sula late harvest chenin white wine
Sula ms ch sauvgnon white wine
Sula ms genache syrah red wine
Sula rasa shiraz red wine
Sula red zinfandel red wine
Sula reisling white wine
Sula rose brut sparkling wine
Sula satori merlot malbec red wine
Sula satori merlot red wine
Sula sauvignon blanc white wine
Sula seco methode classique wine
Vero red wine
Zinzi red wine
Zinzi white wine
Zoya assemblage clasique white wine

Whisky or whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage made out of using fermented grains. Whisky is usually made in different varieties like barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, wheat, and corn. Whisky usually comes in different classes which depends on its types like is it fermentation of grains, distillation or aging in wooden barrels. Indian whiskies are basically  blends based on neutral spirits which are distilled from fermented molasses. Over eighty percent of the whisky consumed by Indians are molasses-based. After Britishers imported Scotch whisky to India, It has picked up in the market and now said to be one of the most popular distilled alcoholic beverages in India. Check out some Whisky or Whiskey brands below,

2 Barrels

21st Century

24 Carat Whisky

8 PM Whisky

After Dark


Aristocrat Whisky


Bagpiper Whisky

Best Choice Whisky


Black Jack Whisky

Black Knight

Black Stallion

Blenders Pride

Blue Bull

Blue Patrol

Board's Verdict

Brihans Premium Whisky

Bonus Fine

Casino Club

Castle Club


Cellar 117

Chevalier Whisky


Colonel's Special

Diamond Whisky

Diplomat Deluxe

Director's Special

Divine Sip

Doctor's Choice No. 1 Deluxe Whisky

Double Dog

DSP Black


Evening Special

Everyday Gold Prestige Whisky

Gold Class

Gold Medal Whisky

Gold Rush

Golden Eagle

Golden Chariot

Golden Border Whisky

Grand Duke

GS Genius

Gypsy (whisky)|Gypsy

Havaldar Whisky

Haywards Fine Whisky

Hero No.1 Whisky

High Birds

Hottt Silk

Imperial Blue

Imperial Falcon

Konarak Malt Whisky


Mansion House Whisky



McDowell's Diplomat

McDowell's No.1

McDowell's Green Label

Mens Choice Fine Whisky

Milestone 100

Million Dollar


Mougal Monarch

Mysore Lancer

Naina Premium Whisky

Officer's Choice Whisky

Old Tavern Whisky

Original Choice

Peter Scot

Pioneer No. 1


President's Pride


Pure Gold

Raffles Whisky

Red Caveliar

Red Knight

The Rockford Reserve

Rowson's Reserve

Royal Arms (whisky)

Royal Challenge

Royal Circle Whisky

Royal Choice

Royal Gold

Royal Gold Cup Whisky

Royal Special Whisky



Senate Royale


Silver Jet Whisky

Seven Knights

Shot Whisky

Solan No.1

Stud Whisky

Summer Hall

Sunny Malted Whisky

Tip Top Whisky

Top Brass

White House



Paul John

McDowell's Single Malt